Diplomate in Personalized Medicine


Naturopathic physicians have long known and appreciated the benefits of biochemical individuality.

What does it really mean to ‘treat the patient, not the disease,’ and how can we, as naturopathic doctors, accomplish this? As technology advances and time constraints build, health care providers are increasingly pressured to apply a progressively reductionist approach to the patient.

The French philosopher Michel Foucault coined the term medical gaze to denote the dehumanizing medical separation of the patient’s body from the patient’s identity. This myth, known as biological reductionism, was part of the belief that the human body is the sum of a person, and through thorough examination (gazing) of a body, the doctor deduces symptom, illness, and cause, and therefore a near-mystical discovery of hidden truth. This paradigm is rapidly falling by the wayside, as the generative paradigm of systems-based medical networking increasingly offers options that are more robust, time-efficient, and cost-effective.


The GM Diplomate in Personalized Medicine (Dipl.Pers.Med) person aims to produce a naturopathic physician fluent in ways and means of personalized medicine and individualized patient care. The motto of the program is ‘The Right Care to the Right Patient at the Right Moment.’ To this end, the Dipl.Pers.Med tailors specific treatment to the patient out of a state-space of all possible treatment options. Diplomates train in all current documentation, methods and paradigms concerning human individuality. Diplomates are expected to lead the way in this rapidly developing specialty, developing new tools and generating new findings of potential benefit to the wider naturopathic community.

DIDACTICS (currently unavailable)

Modules-based learning, with webinar lectures featuring core staff and guest lecturers. The program runs approximately 18 months and requires attendance at three (3) INGM in-house training seminars.


The Diplomate in Personalized Medicine certification is available to all INGM certified Fellows, upon approval by the Academic Board.