If it is art, it is not for all, and if it is for all, it is not art.
–Arnold Schoenberg

The INGM is welcoming new members to our organization. Becoming a member of the INGM is easy. Simply fill out our online application and pay the yearly membership dues via our secure online PayPal gateway. Membership fees are $100 for NDs and $35 for students. Supporting memberships are $150 per year.

When you become a member of the INGM, you will join a community of colleagues committed to the growth and presence of the vis medicatrix naturae in naturopathic practice. With your membership, the INGM will gain momentum and resources essential to accomplishing our vision of creating and expanding professional opportunities for the advancement of naturopathic systems knowledge. Your membership also helps to strengthen our mission and goal of raising the informatics standards of naturopathic medicine.

Member Benefits [Associates and Student]

  • Website Listing: Listing your name and contact information on the INGM website can bring you patients seeking your knowledge in naturopathic personalized medicine.
  • Online Forum: Connect with other naturopathic physicians online on our membership chat-room. Share with other members your questions, answers, newly found studies, along with general knowledge and wisdom.
  • Webinars: Participate in and/or host bi-monthly, webinars provided by leaders in the systems biology, genomics and bioinformatics community.
  • Symposia and Workshops: INGM members have first-call on all educational events, featuring leading thinkers, researchers and practitioners.
  • Board Certification: Eventual specialty designation and board certification for those who are interested specializing in personalized and generative medicine.
  • Access to Specialized Materials: INGM members have access to a variety of unique and special purpose tools, protocols, white papers, and procedural guides.
  • Textbook as E-Book: As a special gift to INGM Members, the entire textbook Fundamentals of Generative Medicine will be given to you in e-book format.
  • Use of Special Purpose Tools INGM Members receive training in the use of the wide assortment of bioinformatic tools. Several of these tools (SWAMI, SKySaw, Traktion) have elements of use are limited solely to INGM members.

Supporting Memberships

Individuals who are not licensed naturopathic physicians can apply for supporting membership. This is a non-voting membership that allows members to audit education events, attend conferences and add their support to the INGM.