Certification in Generative Medicine


Generative medicine explores complex behaviors in health and disease as part of a larger, ongoing process. This class will investigate the upstream (conveyance) and downstream (expression) of the developmental processes that lead to phenotypic variation. Exploration will be contextualized through the use of historical landmarks in traditional modern synthesis, ecological-developmental biology, epigenetics and glycomics. Topics include: traditional mechanisms of variation, phenotypic plasticity, microbiome mutualism, morphogenetics, self-organization, cellular interactivity and post-genomic influences.

The Generative Paradigm

  1. Prediction: All forms of information (molecular, genomic and traditional) are integrated into a program of appropriate treatment. This can help avoid drug reactions and optimizes opportunities for exceptional clinical responses.
  2. Prevention: The physician anticipates health problems and focuses on wellness, not disease.
  3. Personalization: Taking a careful patient history, performing a thorough physical exam, and utilizing innovative diagnostic testing allow naturopathic physicians to hone in on treatments and recommendations specific to each patient.
  4. Participation: The patient is placed at the center of the medical team and is empowered to take more responsibility for their health and care.

(from ‘P4 Medicine” first proposed by Leroy Hood at the Institute of Systems Biology, Seattle WA)


The GM certification program will investigate the clinical manifestations of emergent biological processes that result from phenotypic expression and variation. It explores generative processes as typically seen in cancer, inflammation, infection, metabolic syndrome, endothelial dysfunction and aging. Topics include: laboratory techniques, biometrics, dermatoglyphics, predictive approaches, information technology, nutritional and anti-nutritional control of genetic expression, and the use of new and rediscovered agents from our materia medica.

DIDACTICS (currently unavailable)

Modules-based learning, with webinar lectures featuring core staff and guest lecturers. The program runs approximately 18 months and requires attendance at three (3) INGM in-house training seminars.


Certification in Generative is available to all INGM members, upon approval by the Academic Board.